Monday, November 19, 2012

Family Motto

In just a couple of days we're off to Montreal for an extended weekend away. When people hear that Jon and I are taking a trip they assume that this is our honeymoon. To my dismay I have to correct them and use the word "minimoon." Dudes, I don't like that word AT ALL but people know exactly what I'm talking about when I say it. It's a quick trip to have some time for ourselves right after the wedding. Our hopes are to plan a much longer trip sometime next year. Like four weeks long.

Jon is a very experienced traveler. His kind of traveling is the one of backpacks, solo trips, hostel frequenting and long-term travel that I've so often admired but have never attempted. He's often said to me that he's never felt the desire to travel with someone and that he's always preferred to go it alone but when he met me those things changed. He told me that he wished I could have been with him on his past trips to have shared in the sights and experiences in places like Thailand, Morocco, Mongolia and more. His job is unique in that he's been able to keep a full-time job while traveling for weeks at a time. My work life will likely never be that flexible but it's a goal to land a job that affords me that kind of freedom.

We've decided to make a list of things we want to accomplish next year and another list of things that we want to accomplish in our married life. The main thing is to be adventurous in our life together regardless of where we are. Of all the places Jon has been and of all the things that I've experienced I can definitely say that marriage is our biggest adventure. Whatever else comes our way will be done together as a unit and as our little family of two. Wherever we are I know that as long I'm with him I'm home.

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