Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Are you on Instagram? I finally succumbed and made an account.

It feels like I finally have a minute to breathe since the wedding. That is until we leave for Montreal next week for a long weekend. And then travel back to Ohio for the holidays in December.


Right now I'm gearing up for a major organization of the apartment. The culmination of Jon moving in right before the wedding and packages being delivered to the apartment daily as well as the plethora of left over alcohol from the wedding has resulted in piles of boxes in nearly every single room. Seriously. Piles and piles.

It does feel good to be back to Brooklyn, even with this daunting pile of stuff that I've tried to ignore for the last few days in an attempt to just relax and revel in not having wedding related activities. We were lucky to leave New York when we did which allowed us to avoid the hurricane, and even luckier to come back to the city when things were pretty much running as normal. I'm very thankful for how it all played out.

The plan is to turn on some music and to drink some of that leftover alcohol while tackling this mess. Even if one small corner of the apartment is cleared it's progress and a step back to normal life.

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