Monday, December 3, 2012

A First

From this Saturday, a friend's cat amongst good company.

Saturday was both fun and frustrating. Dancing was fun. The crowd that the venue brought was not. It was so strange to be at a club where people were there to be seen and not to dance. I've never been in that kind of environment before and let me tell you, that scene totally sucks. The venue was the same venue where Chris Brown and Drake notoriously trashed a few months ago because of Rihanna (Really guys?) and that should have been an indication to us of the kind of people that we would have to put up with. Our friends left early because after waiting half an hour for the bartender's attention the night ceased to be enjoyable and turned frustrating and infuriating instead. The fun part for me was dancing with Jon and the others who clearly came just to dance. We didn't know these people but towards the end of the night we were all dancing next to each other, holding our ground and having fun.

Tonight Jon and I are meeting up with some friends in the city for our very first opera with the Metropolitan Opera. I am really excited to see Aida for the first time and to attend what I'm sure will be beautiful and moving. The opportunities to do something completely novel in this city will never stop and I feel lucky to partake.

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