Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I'm A Convert

Aida was incredible. The production was excellent. The sets were breathtaking and the performances were epic. I love opera.

This was my first time at the opera and our very generous friend got us some seats that we will likely never be able to afford again. His reasoning was that it was his night to introduce us newbies to an art form that he is incredibly passionate about and wanted our first experience to be amazing.

It really was amazing.

Growing up my dad had always put forth an effort to bring some culture into our daily lives. That would likely explain why I didn't know that the radio had actual pop music available on it until I was in the fourth grade. Up until that point I thought that only broadcast Korean hymns and classical music.

My brother and I both started piano lessons very early on in life (four for me, six for him) and I went on to play flute and study at the Cleveland Institute of Music and perform with the regional symphonic band. We watched operas that aired on PBS and I remember my dad struggling to explain to us why this kind of performance was significant to him. I didn't understand how much he had really done to open our worldview until I was an adult. Up until that point practicing and going to lessons twice a week seemed more of a chore than a privilege but I fully appreciate what my parents provided for us.

I hope that someday I can bring my parents to Lincoln Center to experience an opera as Jon and I did last night. It felt very grown up and grand but the beauty of the opera in such an iconic setting was accessible and something that I'll always remember.

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