Monday, January 28, 2013

New Beauty Favorite

I was sent a couple colors from Julia's Lip Tint to try and it has been quickly added to my daily makeup routine. For years I've been using Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey but have never liked how often I've had to reapply throughout the day. I've never been one for regular lipstick for the same reason. I also have an unreasonable fear of lipstick bleeding and smudging around my mouth without my knowing it. This lip tint does not bleed and is long lasting, something that is perfect for my busy work days and evenings out.

I tried two different colors, Caribbean Rose and Terracotta.

Caribbean Rose is described as a soft rosy coral. I love this hue of pink and how it works with my complexion.

Terracotta is described as a deep brick red with a brown base. This red has been a great pick me up for the cold grey winter days that we've been having lately in Brooklyn.

I absolutely love this lip tint. I was a little nervous about how it would work because I've never used this kind of product before but it's extremely easy to apply. I first use a nude lip liner to line my mouth. Then I use a cotton swab to apply the lip tint, first applying some in the middle of my bottom lip and then pressing my lips together to spread the color. From there I apply more of the lip tint to my top and bottom lips, layering the color until I get the hue that I want. You can use a small amount for a subtle bit of color or layer it a few times for a brighter pop of color. The lip tint pretty much stays strong for the day. I typically reapply only after my morning coffee or after eating a meal.

Julia's Lip Tint is created from a rosewater glycerin base colored with a mix of natural dyes and the same FDA approved colorants found in commercial lip products. It's very inexpensive and will last for months and months. This product has made me a lip tint convert and I use it every day.

Thank you to Julia's Lip Tint for allowing me to try out this awesome product. You can order directly from their website and follow them on Facebook.


  1. You look so beautiful in the lip tint!!!

    1. Thank you Sam! I certainly feel extra pretty when I have it on.