Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We Are Back

We arrived late last night from Istanbul and are back to work today.
Aside from a touch of jet lag and a mild case of the sniffles I think the journey back to Brooklyn went smoothly.

Lots of photos to parse through and experiences to reflect upon.

More soon.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


In less than 24 hours Jon and I will be on our way to Istanbul for two weeks. We decided last week to take this trip and now it is happening! This is the first time I'll be backpacking and I'm equal parts excited and nervous. Aren't those two things sometimes interchangeable?

Amazingly enough I was able to pack everything I need into that teeny backpack. I'm going to try and keep up my Mile a Day challenge but I think when we're abroad those miles will be limited to walking and not running. We'll see what happens.

The anticipation of traveling is making me jittery and I imagine I'll have a hard time sleeping tonight. It's helps that Jon is a seasoned traveler and has backpacked like this for years. Our dreams of backpacking overseas are finally coming true.

See you in a couple weeks.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ongoing Projects

You can see our full set of weekly self-portraits here.

So the snowstorm hit on Friday and we had a crazy time meeting up with friends for a show and then running around in the snow. We got into a snowball fight with a group of teenagers. Jon got tackled twice. I got hit in the head with a snowball. It was awesome.

The next day we put on our hiking shoes for a walk around the neighborhood and ended up at one of the local parks. There were dogs and children everywhere having the time of their lives. No snowball fights today but it was great tromping around in the snow. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thank You

I am participating in Go Mighty's 20 minutes of Intention for February and have found it to be an extra source of encouragement and accountability. Go Mighty wants you to take 20 minutes every day and to do something that inspires you. Every day they pick someone that inspires them and gives them a gift. I was totally floored when they picked me! Thank you to Go Mighty and Red Envelope for supporting me in my Mile a Day challenge! 

I encourage you to head over to Go Mighty and sign up, take a look around and read about what people are doing to work towards their goals. I've listed my goals and feel that joining this community has already been a big help in keeping me on track. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Snowy Day Strawberry Jam

Strawberries are crazy cheap and plentiful at the grocery store so my friend Lindsay and I decided to make some strawberry jam. We hunkered down in her adorable apartment with her dog and cat to keep us company and got to work.

I've never canned a thing in my life but Lindsay was taught by her grandmother and mother how to can and preserve. One very important thing lesson that she told me was that you should never make jam by yourself. You always need someone there to help you. 

Do you see Hannah the dog in this photo? 

When we were finished we had twelve jars of strawberry-vanilla bean-earl grey tea jam and a whole lot of snow waiting for us outside. Perfect.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Thirty Days

Today I completed thirty days of my Mile a Day challenge for 2013. I admit, there were some bitter cold days where I felt like I would never make it out of the house but with some encouragement from Jon and my friends I did it.

Since moving to Brooklyn I've loved how living in a commuter city forces you to interact with your surroundings. My daily runs have helped me pay attention to details in my neighborhood that I would normally miss, whether it be weird little pieces of street art, a random dog waiting for their owner and happy for some of my attention or high fives of encouragement from people on the street on cold and snowy runs.

It's true what people say - you never regret finishing a run. And seriously, how can I be mad when these views of the city accompany me as I'm logging my miles?

So, thirty days down so far for this year. Feeling pretty good so far.

You can follow my Mile a Day progress on Instagram, Flickr and Go Mighty. What goals do you have for 2013?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ongoing Projects

This is our fifth weekly portrait for the year. I've been noticing that we always seem to take these portraits on Saturday when we're lazing about the apartment and not really doing anything all that interesting. I've also noticed that it's more difficult to take a self-portait than you would initially think. The good thing is that after all these years I am finally learning how to use my camera.

January is already over. This means we're one month closer to spring. Thank goodness for that.

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Labor of Love

I am lucky to have a close relationship with my younger brother. He is one of the most generous, loving and talented people that I know. He is a physician and an entrepreneur who has always had a focus on giving back to his community. A couple of years ago he started Candle With A Cause, a business that works with local restaurants to upcycle glass bottles into candles. Each month they choose a local non-profit who receive a portion of their sales.

It's been a huge learning opportunity for Danny and our friends. This project is truly a labor of love. I'm so proud of the work they do and hope you'll take a minute to learn more about Candle With A Cause.