Wednesday, February 13, 2013


In less than 24 hours Jon and I will be on our way to Istanbul for two weeks. We decided last week to take this trip and now it is happening! This is the first time I'll be backpacking and I'm equal parts excited and nervous. Aren't those two things sometimes interchangeable?

Amazingly enough I was able to pack everything I need into that teeny backpack. I'm going to try and keep up my Mile a Day challenge but I think when we're abroad those miles will be limited to walking and not running. We'll see what happens.

The anticipation of traveling is making me jittery and I imagine I'll have a hard time sleeping tonight. It's helps that Jon is a seasoned traveler and has backpacked like this for years. Our dreams of backpacking overseas are finally coming true.

See you in a couple weeks.

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