Monday, March 25, 2013

The Weekend: Mount Snow

This weekend Jon and I packed up the Matrix and headed to Northampton, MA to visit a couple of our friends. We planned to go snowboarding on Sunday at Mount Snow, the first time for almost all of us. We booked a lesson which included gear rental and a lower mountain pass and headed out early Sunday morning.

I had tried snowboarding before, literally over a half of a lifetime ago when I was 15. The first time my brother and I went the conditions were perfect. There had been a huge snowstorm so there was over a foot of fresh powder. We didn't know what we were doing but all that powder kept us slow and safe, great for a first time out. The second time was awful. I remember my brother picking up snowboarding really quickly and me having no idea as to what I was doing. I didn't know anything about turning to reduce speed or how to stop other than making myself fall. Also, the slopes were icy and scary, not the best conditions for a beginner. After eating it one too many times I decided that I hated snowboarding and stopped trying. Needless to say I was apprehensive about our Sunday snowboarding date.

We had a great instructor (who had learned how to snowboard at 58!) and only five people in our class. After the first half of the class I started to catch on and really started having fun. I wish I had signed up for a class when I first tried snowboarding all those years ago because it made a huge difference. I also think knowing how to skateboard helped a lot. By the end of the day I had caught on and for the first time in my life I was really snowboarding, in control and catching my heelside and toeside turns with perfect tight transitions and a huge smile on my face.

It was fun trying something new with Jon and exciting to watch him while he was learning. I love that we have another thing to do together. He remarked after the lesson "Well, I guess our yuppie transformation is now complete." I had to laugh at that.

It was a great weekend and I am SO STOKED about snowboarding! The sad thing is that the end of the season is literally only weeks away which leaves very little time to snowboard again. I don't know if we will be able to try again this season but I do know that Jon, myself and our friends will be hitting the slopes next season for sure.

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