Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Them's the Breaks, Kid.

After 2 months and 2 weeks (74 days today if you're counting) my body is telling me that I need a break from my Mile a Day challenge. When I started this daily running challenge the weather was less than ideal. There were days when the snow and biting wind nearly kept me indoors and the icy sidewalks made me scared I was going to fall and smash my face. Still, I suited up and ran through the winter and here we are on the official start of Spring.

Did I run every single day? No, I gave myself a break if my body felt awful and I needed a day off and walked those miles instead. Did I run almost every single day? Yes! I am happy to say that I did not miss many days of runnning. Did I cover at least a mile every single day? Yes, absolutely yes and usually much more than just a mile.

There were definitely days when the last thing I wanted to do was run but I have never, ever regretted finishing a run. I saw parts of my neighborhood that I had never seen before because of my daily runs. I was reminded of how much I dislike running (still working on that) but was also reminded of how much I love the feeling of accomplishment and the endorphins that run through my body at the end of a run. I also learned to listen to my body instead of powering through aches and pains like I did years ago which eventually led to some pretty serious injuries. Lesson learned!

This is why after waking up today with a wonky knee I am going to take a break from this Mile a Day challenge. I know that if I keep up my current running schedule I will exacerbate this minor injury and it will end up turning into something more serious. I still plan on running - just not every day. I am running the Eileen C. Dugan Memorial 5K again this year and it's only a few weeks away. I want to make sure that I can run the entire thing at my normal race pace without any fear of injury so that means resting this knee and lightening up on the running schedule.

I'll probably pick up the Mile a Day challenge again in the future but maybe only for 30 days instead of the entire year. For right now I can be satisfied knowing that I gave this challenge a really good try. Even though I didn't make it through the year I ran through the entire winter and now I can sit back and wait for Spring to unfold. That's a pretty good reward for all that hard work.


  1. Hate running - yet I've run (slowly) for almost 20 years. It's SO hard on the body and you're doing the right thing!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Sheri. I am really bummed to take a hiatus from this challenge but I know that risking greater injury is a stupid move. Someday we will love running. I did once! It will just take time to get back there again.