Friday, March 15, 2013

Trying Again

OK, so here’s the thing. I learned how to skateboard when I was 28.
I was never an athletic kid growing up and my mother never allowed me to join any intramural sports. I wanted to try gymnastics and volleyball but my mother said NO because she was afraid I would hurt my hands and then would be unable to play the piano. That was her reasoning.
So, no sports. Fast forward to my adult life and I am dating a dude who has been skating for the majority of his life. I start learning how to skate and find that I love it. Like seriously love it. There’s nothing more exhilarating then learning a new skill and working at it and seeing actual improvement. Also skateboarding is HELLA fun. Like really, really, really fun. That first summer of skating I had a crap ton of bruises on my legs and at first I balked at wearing shorts and skirts because of them. That lasted for just a second because I became really proud of those bruises. I earned every single one while learning how to skate and I was more than happy to show them off. 
I was fortunate to make some great girlfriends who also skate. One of them learned about the same time as I did and the other has been skating for years and years. There were a handful of other girls who skated as well and we all skating together for a while, arranging lady skate dates and taking over skate parks. That was rad.
Inevitably that boyfriend and I broke up. 
I skated on my own and with my lady friends for a while but after a little bit of time I just stopped. I moved to Brooklyn and moved my skateboard with my but didn’t skate. Luckily my girlfriends who skate eventually moved out to Brooklyn as well. We had a skate date, just pushing around a parking lot late at night over a year ago. It was awesome.
We decided to name our little Brooklyn skate crew the Lil Rippers. Sadly, we didn’t have another skate date that year. 
I know, totally lame. But guess what! My friend Sue and I went skating tonight. And not on some boring parking lot but at the House of Vans Skate Park which happens to be in my neighborhood. Girls Riders Organization (GRO for short) hosted a ladies only skate night and it was totally amazing.
The first half hour I was a total nervous wreck, scared and feeling awkward because I hadn’t skated in a skate park in over three years and hadn’t just pushed around in over a year. Sue felt the same way. But we pushed around and started getting the feel for things again and it all came back to us. It felt so great to be skating again.
Sue and I decided that we need to get back into skating again. There are things that I was starting to learn right when I stopped skating that I want to get comfortable with again. The first big one is dropping in, whether it be a mini-ramp or a big ass bowl. I want to drop in again and not be afraid. The second thing is getting my ollie back so that I can ollie up onto something or ollie off of something. This may mean some sprains (hopefully not) and definitely some new bruises but I guarantee I’ll be proud to show off those bruises because it will mean that I am skating again. 


  1. Just found your blog while randomly clicking on Brooklyn-based blogs and wanted to say way to go! I've aaaaaaaalways wanted to know how to skate but figured it was way too late by the time I was even in my 20s. Pretty jealous. And you and your crew look totally cool.

    1. Girl, anytime you want to try it out just let me know. I'd be happy to show you how to push around! It's never, ever too late to start.