Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Surprise Plans

Jon and I have this thing where every few months I will ask him if he wants to go on an adventure. He always says yes. This time we ended up near the World Trade Center at the Brookfield Place Winter Garden for a performance of Cambodian Shadow Puppetry. 
The Shadow Puppet Troupe of Wat Bo performed for the first time in the United States as part of Season of Cambodia, a living arts festival happening through April and May of this year. Shadow puppetry is an ancient and sacred form of Cambodian theater that is traditionally performed on ceremonial occasions. We were lucky to witness a beautiful and moving performance.
This was the first time either of us had been to this venue. It is located in part of the city that we normally don't go to but it's a resource that I'm glad to have found. They have free performances throughout the year and we'll definitely be visiting again.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Week 17

We took this week's photo on Roosevelt Island and had to take advantage of those fluffy cherry blossoms on the trees lining the waterway.
And then this happened.
We are dorks. I love this man.
Every week Jon and I are taking a self-portrait to document our first year as a married couple. You can see the entire set here.

Spring Arrives

There's a day when the weather hits a certain temperature and the sun warms up you just *so*. The bitter chill of winter feels like it is finally absent in any breeze that comes your way as you walk outside. Today was one of those days. It felt like spring had finally, FINALLY arrived in the city.
When I first moved to New York I had a few weeks free to entertain myself and wander around. The tram to Roosevelt Island had recently opened after being closed for months and months due to repairs. I took the tram over by myself and I marveled at the enormity of the city I had just moved to.
This was Jon's first time on the tram and we picked a beautiful day for an afternoon on Roosevelt Island. The cherry blossoms on the trees lining the waterway are in full bloom today, the sun is shining and the sky is crazy blue.
We walked to the newly opened FDR Memorial Park and then headed back. We agreed that next time we would ride our bikes over to Roosevelt Island and spend an afternoon exploring more of the island.
The Roosevelt Island Tramway only requires a swipe of your Metrocard. It operates 7 days a week and affords you some of the best views of the city. If you walk to the end of the island you're able to see Queens and Long Island City as well. Definitely a recommended activity to do in NYC.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Here and There

Airport bathroom selfies help pass the time when your flight is delayed.

It was a heinous weekend of travel but I made it to Ohio this weekend. I swear I have the worst luck with flights. It never fails that my flight is either canceled or delayed by hours and hours like it was this past Friday. My flight ended up being delayed 6.5 hours but I was one of the lucky ones that actually got to leave. 

So, the weekend in Ohio was spent celebrating my brother-in-law and his wife's future progeny. Jon and I caught up with his side of the family all of Saturday. This included his brother's dog Brutus. Brutus is 7 months old and already weighs 80+ pounds. It's hard to remember that he's still a puppy because he is so huge.

And look, baby Jon!

Sunday I got to see my brother and sister-in-law and then it was back to Brooklyn. Quick weekend trips are always a little bit exhausting but it's so good to see family and reconnect with them after being away for several months.

Also, I've been posting over at Go Mighty since the beginning of this year. Some of the posts are cross-posted onto this blog but some content just stays over there. Take a gander if you're so inclined.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Weekend

I'm heading back to Ohio this weekend for my brother-in-law's and his wife's baby shower. Jon's extended family is huge and any celebration with my in-laws is sure to be filled with lots of laughter and love. I haven't seen this side of our family since the holidays and I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone. Being separated from our families can be tough because we are close to them and we definitely don't see them as often as we would like. That makes the times when we are all together all the more special and important.

Enjoy your weekend. More soon.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Run It Out

I did something this morning that I'm not proud of. Like many people I was keeping track of the Boston Marathon and sat at my desk horrified as the stories and photographs and videos of the bombings updated in my news feed, completely heartsick and upset. This is why when I was on the train this morning I couldn't keep my mouth shut when two teenage girls standing next to me started talking about how they thought what had happened in Boston was funny. They laughed and joked about it loudly for several minutes, one of them saying "I mean only three people died..." and I just couldn't take it any more. I looked up from where I was sitting and said "It's not funny. It's horrible and tragic and I can't believe you would say something like that." They stopped talking for a few seconds and didn't make eye contact with me even though they were standing right next to me and then proceeded to talk about the MTV Movie Awards.

I realize that these girls were young but I don't feel like that excuses them for being insensitive. Where is the compassion? It's one thing to be apathetic but it's another to laugh about a terrible event. I was furious for the rest of my commute - furious with these girls and their glib remarks and conversation, furious with myself for losing my temper. 

I kept thinking back at this morning's exchange periodically throughout the day until I got home. I threw on my running clothes and set out for a long run. As my body started to fatigue I could feel my anger subsiding and my thoughts went to the marathon runners and bystanders who headed straight into the carnage to help those that were injured. It's easy to get angry but to be compassionate is much more of a challenge. To be brave is even harder. 

At some point in our lives I believe that we all can point to an incident where we first realized that the things that we say actually do matter and I hope that this was that moment for them. What happened in Boston feels far away and removed for them, I'm sure of this. But that is the problem. We are all connected, more so then anyone ever realizes.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 15

Today was a crazy productive Saturday. We had to turn down an afternoon outing with friends to Staten Island for Sri Lankan food which bummed both of us out but it was definitely the right decision.
We weren’t outside all that much today so we thought we’d take a minute and take this week’s portrait on our little stoop. When I first moved into this apartment I was disappointed that the stoop was not large and spacious like the ones you see in brownstone Brooklyn. I still hope that one day we’ll live in a place with one of those iconic Brooklyn stoops but for now this one serves us both just fine. 

You can see our entire set of portraits here

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vote for Jen!

This lovely lady is my very dear friend Jen. She is passionate about her work and is currently in her dream job as "Executive Homegirl" at The Actual Brewing Company in Columbus, Ohio. She roasts their coffee beans and has been networking like crazy to get this delicious and hand crafted product out onto the shelves for the public to purchase. She has over 10 years of experience as a barista and is currently one of the top contenders to win a trip to Barista Camp with the Barista Guild of America. All she needs is your vote! You can vote for her picture here every day through April 13th. She is very close to winning but the competition is fierce so every vote counts. Would you please take a minute out of your day to vote? Feel free to spread the word. Please help me in making my very good friend's dream come true!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

First 5K of the Season

Saturday I woke up early to run this year's Eileen C. Dugan Memorial 5K. Last year Jon and I ran it together in less than ideal conditions but it turned out to be a really fun race. This year there was no rain and plenty of sunshine. A friend of mine joined me for the race and I found out that this was her very first race. We went at the perfect pace - not too fast so I didn't feel like I was dying but not too slow so I felt like I was being challenged. We high fived people all along the route in honor of my friend's High Five 5K that was happening at the same time in Ohio. 
We ran along the waterfront and through Brooklyn Bridge Park with Manhattan in the background. We high fived as many people as we could. Every high five usually came with a smile and some encouraging words. I think it made the race even more fun for my friend. We came upon the finish line and got some hugs from our significant others. We headed back to our neighborhood and had breakfast at our neighborhood diner. 
3.1 miles is not a huge distance. It's not even a quarter of the way for my goal for a half marathon but hey, it's a start.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Week 14

We are taking a portrait a week for the first year of our marriage. You can follow along HERE
Today was the first warm day we've had in a long while so Jon and I took advantage of the weather to walk over the bridge to Queens and to walk along the waterfront in Long Island City. Directly across from us was Manhattan. 
The view from the LIC waterfront is one of the best in the city - unobscured and gorgeous, especially right when the sun is starting to set. This was the perfect way to start our busy weekend. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Lil Rippers Are Back At It Again

See that smile on my friend Sue's face? I'd like to think that smile is as big as the hot dog's because we just had our second lady skate date. After our first foray back into skateboarding we decided to check out some skateparks in the city. 
We met up on Easter morning at the Tribeca Skatepark which was basically a street-style skate park. It was small but the layout was cool. Sadly, not for us. We walked along the waterfront all the way up to the Chelsea Pier Skatepark. This park felt more familiar. 
It also felt really scary to be riding up and down these huge concrete banks again. It's been years since I've been at a proper skatepark. I forgot how it feels to skate a line around a big skatepark and how much speed you can pick up pushing around on that extra smooth concrete. I'm not going to lie - I was a little scared. On my last run as I was skating down the last big bank I had a speed wobble (a speed wobble is when your board wobbles because you're going really fast and your legs are too stiff) and my front foot moved up on my board. I nearly stepped onto the nose of my board which would have been really, really bad. Thankfully I bailed just in time and ran down the bank yelling "Suuuuueeeeee!!!!!" We both laughed about it afterward but we both knew that if I hadn't bailed when I did I would have fallen pretty hard. I didn't go around again but I told myself that I would return the following week to practice, to get used to going fast again. This second time out I was wobbly and it was a little scary but my body still remembered what to do to avoid getting seriously injured. The muscle memory is in there for sure. I just need some more practice to feel confident again.