Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Arrives

There's a day when the weather hits a certain temperature and the sun warms up you just *so*. The bitter chill of winter feels like it is finally absent in any breeze that comes your way as you walk outside. Today was one of those days. It felt like spring had finally, FINALLY arrived in the city.
When I first moved to New York I had a few weeks free to entertain myself and wander around. The tram to Roosevelt Island had recently opened after being closed for months and months due to repairs. I took the tram over by myself and I marveled at the enormity of the city I had just moved to.
This was Jon's first time on the tram and we picked a beautiful day for an afternoon on Roosevelt Island. The cherry blossoms on the trees lining the waterway are in full bloom today, the sun is shining and the sky is crazy blue.
We walked to the newly opened FDR Memorial Park and then headed back. We agreed that next time we would ride our bikes over to Roosevelt Island and spend an afternoon exploring more of the island.
The Roosevelt Island Tramway only requires a swipe of your Metrocard. It operates 7 days a week and affords you some of the best views of the city. If you walk to the end of the island you're able to see Queens and Long Island City as well. Definitely a recommended activity to do in NYC.

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