Monday, April 1, 2013

The Lil Rippers Are Back At It Again

See that smile on my friend Sue's face? I'd like to think that smile is as big as the hot dog's because we just had our second lady skate date. After our first foray back into skateboarding we decided to check out some skateparks in the city. 
We met up on Easter morning at the Tribeca Skatepark which was basically a street-style skate park. It was small but the layout was cool. Sadly, not for us. We walked along the waterfront all the way up to the Chelsea Pier Skatepark. This park felt more familiar. 
It also felt really scary to be riding up and down these huge concrete banks again. It's been years since I've been at a proper skatepark. I forgot how it feels to skate a line around a big skatepark and how much speed you can pick up pushing around on that extra smooth concrete. I'm not going to lie - I was a little scared. On my last run as I was skating down the last big bank I had a speed wobble (a speed wobble is when your board wobbles because you're going really fast and your legs are too stiff) and my front foot moved up on my board. I nearly stepped onto the nose of my board which would have been really, really bad. Thankfully I bailed just in time and ran down the bank yelling "Suuuuueeeeee!!!!!" We both laughed about it afterward but we both knew that if I hadn't bailed when I did I would have fallen pretty hard. I didn't go around again but I told myself that I would return the following week to practice, to get used to going fast again. This second time out I was wobbly and it was a little scary but my body still remembered what to do to avoid getting seriously injured. The muscle memory is in there for sure. I just need some more practice to feel confident again. 

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