Tuesday, May 21, 2013

An Epic Saturday

Warmer weather brings countless festivals, both big and small, to the city. This past Saturday, Jon and I left the house for an 8 hour adventure on our bikes with a very ambitious itinerary.

We biked over the Williamsburg Bridge into the Lower East Side to meet up with some friends for this year's Dance Parade. We stopped by the annual Ukrainian Festival for some lunch and happened upon a toddler sized kewpie doll. Jon was sufficiently creeped out.

We parked our bikes and walked a few blocks to our friends and watched group after group dance by, undeterred by the on and off drizzle of rain.
I also got to meet Jimmy "The Rent Is Too Damn High" McMillan. Highlight of my day!
We then spent a good hour in Tompkins Square Park dancing our butts off until it was time to get back on the bikes to ride over the Manhattan Bridge and on to Prospect Park for The Great Googamooga. We went on Friday night and Jon got to see The Flaming Lips perform for the first time. I was bummed out because this set was a lot more chill and slow-paced then when I had seen them in the past. But hey, the weather was gorgeous, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were amazing and the food was delicious.
For our second day we rode into the park, used the very handy bike corral and caught Matt and Kim's set. They were amazing live! So much energy and pure joy in being able to perform in their hometown and at the location of their second date. (Apologies for the crappy Instagram picture!)
The lines were shorter and the festival was less crowded than it had been on Friday. We were able to eat the food that we were scoping out the night before and left right when the set was finished. We biked all the way back to Greenpoint and spent the rest of the evening relaxing. 

So, to recap:

16.55 miles ridden
2 bridges crossed
3 festivals attended
Too much delicious food eaten
Lots of good memories for the start of our summer. 

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