Friday, May 24, 2013

Floral Crown

My girlfriend and I are hosting a bachelorette brunch this weekend for one of our dearest friends. We decided that in lieu of the usual tiara, the bride-to-be should be gifted with a floral crown (this is more her style anyhow). I stopped by one of the dollar stores on the way home and found these bright red-orange blooms, just $1 a stem. I ended up buying three stems which gave me nine large blooms in total.

I took the flowers off of their plastic stems and pulled some floral wire strung with a pearl bead through the center.
I attached the first bloom in the center of a headband by wrapping the wire around to secure it. From there I went through the same process, adding blooms equally on each side until they were all attached to the headband.

And that's it! It took very little time to finish and because I had all the supplies except for the flowers this entire project only cost $3. I hope she likes it!

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