Sunday, May 5, 2013

What I Saw: The New Museum's Ideas City Street Fair

Saturday was the perfect day for an afternoon of biking with friends. A few of us met up at the base of the Williamsburg Bridge to ride into the city and check out the New Museum's Ideas City street fair

Excited and ready to bike.
Most of the gang - waiting on a couple friends. 

We saw some cool things at the festival. We sat in a public park that was inside a trailer.

We listened to music on a gramophone.

We hung out in a huge plastic bubble.

We were introduced to a lot of great art, concepts and organizations that are contributing their innovative ideas to the culture of the city. After a few hours we biked back to the Williamsburg Bridge and headed back to Brooklyn.

I always enjoy biking with a group. It allows for greater visibility on the busy streets of New York and, in my opinion, for a safer and less stressful ride. Biking in the city is one of my favorite things to do. This was the first ride of the year. I'm definitely looking forward to many more in the coming months. 

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