Friday, June 14, 2013

These Days

Time has been on my mind a lot lately. I was looking at my calendar and had a second of shock when I the realization of "Oh, it's mid-June" came to me.

The coming months are scheduled full of events and I have already marked down events for October and November. Doesn't that seem a little crazy to you? It feels like the days are slipping by. I think at this particular time in my life the level of anxiety surrounding the future is higher than normal. Part of it is because it feels like there's so much more at stake. It's not just me any more. It's my little family of two - three if you count the cat. And to a certain extent, if we decide to do so, our larger future family. I think the other part of it has to do with the distinct feeling of getting older, maybe thanks to finding some stark white hairs sprouting from my right temple this morning as well as talking to Jon about my upcoming 34th birthday.

But it's OK. It really is OK. I told myself that there's no point in asking the questions that have no immediate answers because that kind of future thinking can make you crazy. Instead, I am making a promise to myself to savor each minute of this summer, to really expand into and luxuriate in the time Jon and I have this first year as a married couple. There are no kids to think about, no big responsibilities that keep us from doing anything we want to do. I am understanding more and more that we shouldn't take that lightly and should take full advantage of this time.

Thinking in this way makes me want to go travel the world for a year before coming back to "real life". Do people who have traveled long-term ever get back to their pre-travel life? I wonder if I can convince Jon...

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