Saturday, June 1, 2013

Time Warp: Cibo Matto

Jon had the foresight to buy tickets to see Cibo Matto two months ago. The show sold out quickly so we knew the house would be packed. We made sure to get there early and close to the stage. I'm so glad that we staked out a spot right up front. I never thought I would see Cibo Matto play live. The show was amazing. The energy from the crowd was great, Miho Hatori's stage banter was charming and the performance was SO GOOD.

Anna from Door Sixteen has a great post with tips for concert going in New York. Everything she says is spot on. Basically, buy your tickets early because that show you really want to go to will inevitably sell out. Get to the venue early and when you find a good place to watch the show, be prepared to stay in that spot all night because as soon as you move someone else will gladly take your place.

Good things to remember. Now go forth and see some mind blowing music.

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