Monday, August 26, 2013

From Now Until Then

This photo was taken almost three years ago when I still lived in Ohio. Jon and I went to see Jonsi and it was one of the best shows I had seen in years. 

So much has changed since then and I've been thinking about what the next few years will bring. Right now we don't have a specific plan and I'm not sure if that's something that should worry me or that should bring me some relief. For the first time in a long while the pressure of a large goal isn't looming over me. I'm OK with spending this first year as newlyweds concentrating on making a real home for us here in Brooklyn. I know that this kind of stasis will be temporary but it's been nice to relax into a solid home life without feeling the nagging anxiety that is normally present and pushing me to fill my schedule. I trust that the next step will be revealed to us in a natural and organic way and I've decided not to force the issue. I understand that working on the foundation of our relationship is the most important thing and will only serve to benefit us in the future.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week 33

We took a trip to Columbus this past weekend for a friend's wedding. To the left of me is my very dear friend Scott. He was kind enough to house and entertain us this weekend. To the right of Jon is Bobby, another dear friend who lives in Brooklyn and who came with us for the wedding. It was a great weekend to catch up with friends and to introduce my important Ohio people to my important Brooklyn people. The combined 20 hours on the road was totally worth it.
Jon and I are taking a portrait a week for a year. You can view our entire set of portraits here.

Monday, August 5, 2013

What I Saw: The Vanderbilt Mansion

A group of us drove out to Long Island to spend the afternoon at the Vanderbilt Mansion. In addition to the Vanderbilt's summer home there is a planetarium as well a large collection of preserved animals and sea life.
You have the option of purchasing a house tour along with your general admission but we chose to go with the general admission and explored the grounds on our own.
It was great to get out of the city and out in the fresh air and greenery that nearby Long Island offers. It was so strange to drive less than an hour away from our apartment and find ourselves in the middle of a true suburb, white picket fences included. The mansion and the grounds offered a quiet respite from the hectic nature of the city. 

What I Saw: 5 Pointz

The ride to and from Manhattan on the 7 train takes you past 5 Pointz, an outdoor exhibit space in Long Island City. Nearly every single part of this enormous structure is covered in art and the facade is ever changing. Every weekend artists from around the world come to add their piece to this monument of street art and graffiti. The result is astounding.
We walked around the building and were lucky enough to catch some of the murals in progress.
Some of my favorite pieces.
Jon had a good laugh over this one.
If you are in New York City I would recommend you take a Saturday afternoon to walk around 5 Pointz. While you are there please make sure to sign the petition to preserve this building as it is in danger of being demolished. You can also add your signature on-line here. Please take a minute and do your part to keep this important piece of NYC alive.