Monday, August 5, 2013

What I Saw: 5 Pointz

The ride to and from Manhattan on the 7 train takes you past 5 Pointz, an outdoor exhibit space in Long Island City. Nearly every single part of this enormous structure is covered in art and the facade is ever changing. Every weekend artists from around the world come to add their piece to this monument of street art and graffiti. The result is astounding.
We walked around the building and were lucky enough to catch some of the murals in progress.
Some of my favorite pieces.
Jon had a good laugh over this one.
If you are in New York City I would recommend you take a Saturday afternoon to walk around 5 Pointz. While you are there please make sure to sign the petition to preserve this building as it is in danger of being demolished. You can also add your signature on-line here. Please take a minute and do your part to keep this important piece of NYC alive.

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