Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Last Days of Summer

Admittedly the list for this summer was ambitious and not every single thing was accomplished. With that in mind I set out to have a beach date over the holiday weekend. I grabbed some friends, loaded up the car and drove to Jacob Riis Park in the Far Rockaways. The weather had been predicting thunderstorms on and off all afternoon but we decided to head out anyhow and it turned out to be the perfect beach afternoon.
When we arrived the parking lot was nearly empty and the beach was wide open. We set up our blankets and towels and eventually the sun came out from behind the clouds and we spent the remainder of the afternoon talking, running into the ocean to cool off and generally enjoying each others company. 
Before we left my girlfriend and I decided to go for one last swim. The tide was coming in so the waves were much bigger than earlier in the day. We swam out, jumping with the waves and had a great time. As we started to come back in we both got completely slammed by the ocean. I went down twice and both times felt my bathing suit bottom nearly slip off. My friend had similar issues but with the top half of her bathing suit. Thankfully neither of us suffered any public embarrassment but we did get a whole lot of sand stuck up in our bathing suits. Oy. My friend said that we literally got kicked out of the ocean. It seemed like a good time to head back home.

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