Monday, September 30, 2013

What I Saw: The New York Renaissance Faire

We headed north to the Bronx and met up with a group of friends to attend this year's New York Renaissance Faire. The festival, er, I mean the Faire happens in the park right next to The Cloisters. The setting is perfect and with the picture perfect weather the place was completely packed with people. I really loved the people who went all out for the event. It's awesome to see someone who clearly put a lot of time and thought into their outfit, isn't it?
Cell phones and wenches - weeeeird.
This guy was my favorite.
I found him again later in the day with a whole band of fur covered warriors.
Walking around the festival was admittedly pretty challenging. Thankfully our group grabbed a spot in the shade and set up camp with several picnic blankets and snacks. People could wander off and come back at their leisure. If you ever attend this event with a large group of people I recommend creating a home base. I think it made the whole experience that much more enjoyable.
As with any festival, there are a ton of vendors selling crafts, costumes and of course food and mead. My favorite was the chiropractor who had brought along some gnarly looking surgical instruments and leeches. The leeches were actually procured through a medical supply company as they are still used today to promote healing in skin grafts.
The event is very family friendly and included things like a Punch and Judy puppet show, musical performances, Shakespeare (of course!) and jousting. The arena for the jousting was pretty large but it was impossible to get a seat. I have a feeling there are some people who set up camp in the bleachers and stay there the entire day. It was surreal to hear the clanging of swords and to catch the occasional glimpse of a knight galloping by on his horse in a full suit of armor. Pretty charming and an entertaining way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

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