Thursday, September 5, 2013

What I Saw: Wave Hill

I had the day off from work and had made plans with my friend Ellen to take a trip to Wave Hill. Wave Hill is located way up in the Bronx, further north in New York City than either of us had ever been. It is a 28 acre garden overlooking the Hudson River and it still blows my mind that this place exists within the city limits. We took the 1 Train to the very end of the line at 242nd street. There is a shuttle that is there at 10 minutes past the hour to take you to the gardens but we decided that we would walk instead of wait. I'm so glad that we did.
The walk was really pleasant and a nice surprise. We walked along roads like this and felt like we had been plopped in the middle of a very well cared for suburban neighborhood. The houses (HOUSES - not apartment buildings) were enormous and beautiful and the lawns and landscaping were impeccably maintained. Can I just remind you that this is still considered New York City? Crazy.

We arrived to Wave Hill after that lovely walk and started out on the trails on the outer edge of the gardens. It was such a relief to be surrounded by trees and greenery.
And Ellen found the first sign of Fall.
And then there were the grounds and gardens themselves. It really took my breath away.
The entire place reminded of the sanitoriums that were popular in the Victorian era for people to convalesce. Remember the movie The Road to Wellville? Yeah, just like that minus the rigid eating habits and medical treatments and general weirdness.

I would have never known about Wave Hill had it not been for my friend Ellen. Being there made me feel incredibly lucky to live in a city that contains places like these that are available with a simple train ride. Thank you Ellen for another great city adventure!

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