Sunday, October 6, 2013

What I Saw: Apple Picking Upstate

We loaded up the car with our friends and headed upstate for some antiquing and apple picking. No luck on the antiquing for me. (Apparently if you live in an apartment with limited space your antique shopping impulses are strongly curbed.) But there is always room for fresh apples and produce that you've picked with your own two hands.

We returned to Lawrence Farms Orchards, the same place we went apple picking last year. This year the trees were completely laden with apples that had were sweeter and full of flavor. My friend told me that the milder winter allowed for a better and more bountiful apple season this fall. Jon and I didn't purchase too much produce as we are working through our farm share but we made sure to grab several varieties of delicious apples. Also, I discovered that red cabbage is surprisingly beautiful. 

See? Beautiful.

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