Monday, November 11, 2013

What I Saw: KAWS

My little brother came into town for a few days. Per his request, we had an art filled weekend and managed to catch three Kaws shows, two in NYC and one in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Danny's best friend drove in from Massachusetts to join us on our adventures. It had been over a year since they had seen each other! We savored every second of Danny's trip.

Just look at how happy those two are to be together again. Also, it blows my mind to have a photo of my brother at the subway stop to my neighborhood. Blows my mind.

So, Kaws - do you know who he is? I first found out about him through Danny. Kaws has designed a number of toys and is also a prolific painter and sculpture. The first show we saw was a collection of his paintings.

Honestly, I don't get his paintings. His technique and line work is definitely impressive, but what I love are his sculptures. When we got to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts for his show we were all totally blown away. The juxtaposition of these enormous sculptures paired with huge, classic bodies of work was stunning.

We drove from Philly directly to the last Kaws show in Chelsea. This show consisted of only three sculptures but they were enormous. They were my favorites of the weekend.

Danny kept exclaiming through out the weekend how this had been the best trip to New York that he had ever had. He also mentioned how it was so nice to see me in Brooklyn. You see, this was the first time he has visited me since I've moved. I know that sounds strange, but before Jon and I were married and doing the long-distance thing, I would be in Ohio quite often. Consequently, I got to see my brother and our family on a pretty regular basis. After the wedding, Jon and I have been back a few times but it has not been as often. Having my brother here in New York was amazing. We are so close and we count ourselves lucky to be such good friends. Watching his excitement and wonder while looking at the work of one of his favorite artists was a joy to experience. His enthusiasm for art and motivation to practice his own craft is inspiring. Having this time with him was really a gift. 

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