Sunday, March 16, 2014


This incredibly manic winter has been doing a number on my psyche. We've had some pretty brutal and cold days mixed in with some gorgeous spring-like weather. Those few sunny, big-blue-sky days literally filled me with happiness. When Jon and I were out in the neighborhood on Saturday, I stopped on the sidewalk to soak in some sun and declared "I feel like a new person!" There's more snow predicted for tonight and colder temperatures coming in the next couple of days, which means more layers and bundling up and wearing my huge winter coat. Ugh! You guys, I'm so ready for spring.

Photos are from 1) a morning at the Met before the throngs of tourists and school groups arrived, 2) Nahbi cozied up to Jon after he arrived home from a week away for work, 3) a view of the city from the Williamsburg Bridge on the most gorgeous Saturday afternoon.

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