Monday, April 21, 2014


The whole city seems to be filled with color lately. There's also a general feeling of lightness and giddiness (or maybe it's just me?) due to the coming of spring. 

Photos are from 1) the magnolia tree that I pass on my way to work is in full bloom, 2) a random truck that I saw while walking my neighborhood, 3) a view of Maya Hayuk's mural at Bowery and Houston.

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Weekend Away

I took a long weekend to get away and spend some time with a dear friend who moved from the city to Florida to fulfill her dream of learning how to farm. The plan was to spend a few days in St. Petersburg at her mother's home and relax. We both needed some downtime to escape our day to day grind, mine from city living and hers from the hard labor of farm living. Can I just say that it was one of the best weekends of this year to date? Her mother's home is a beautiful craftsman house - a true oasis complete with lots of greenery, a darling dog and sweet black cat.

We spent some time on Treasure Island Beach lounging in a rented cabana (CABANA! Best invention ever), enjoying the pristine sands, beautiful blue hued water, and a big beautiful sky.
We also spent some time sight seeing, shopping at the *best* vintage shop and in the Salvador Dali Museum that happened to have a special Andy Warhol exhibition.
My last night we said our goodbyes to my friend's mother and headed out to the urban organic farm where my friend is apprenticing. We got there right when the sun was setting, lending a surreal glow to an already surreal and gorgeous environment.
The next day we woke up right when the rooster was crowing to start on the day's work of harvesting and cleaning produce for the weekly farmers market. It was satisfying and enjoyable work. Our hands were on each piece of produce and we all participated in every step, from the harvesting to the cleaning and the prepping. I also got to pick and eat loquats straight from the trees growing by one of the fields. I had never heard of this fruit until I got to the farm. The fruit was delicious and the experience was a happy and exciting one.

After the farmers market it was time for me to head back to New York. It was amazing to get away from the city for a few days, but even better to have some much needed time with my friend. She is pursuing her dreams and is thriving in this new environment. It was a privilege to witness it in person.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Faithful Friend

I don't know the exact date of Nahbi's birthday. The only information that I have is that she was born in March of 1999. Every year I wait until March is over to confirm that she has indeed become one year older. This year, Nahbi is fifteen years old! I kept joking that I was going to make a party hat for the cat to celebrate and I actually went through with it. Nahbi was kind enough to tolerate this hat for a few seconds before ripping it to shreds.
Happy birthday to my very sweet to only me and Jon, still spry and playful, very vocal, plastic obsessed, super snuggly old lady black cat who has been my constant companion for my entire adult life.